Our animals are inseminated with the best technology in the swine industry, resulting in high quality pork.


Gestation and

Gestation also known as piglet’s factory is the stage where the embryonic development happens. This is a intensive care stage in which the females need to be showered before getting into the farm so the animals can be more comfortable. This stage starts in the fertilization and ends at the labor.

About a week before the sow gives birth will be taken in the maternity area where they will remain until weaning.


Being one of the most influential stages for the animal as it is when they should be better fed for a good performance, it is why they thrive with the best quality and have a suitable facility with technology to be as healthy pigs with excellent forming and adequate homogeneity.

Development and

We've reached quality standards and we are accredited in BPP (Buenas Practicas Pecuarias), always in animal health improvement.